Effects and Expected Time Line of Feminizing Hormone Therapy

EffectExpected OnsetExpected Maximum Effect
Body fat redistribution3–6 months2–5 years
Decreased muscle mass/
3–6 months1–2 years
Softening of skin/decreased
3–6 monthsUnknown
Decreased libido1–3 months1–2 years
Decreased spontaneous
1–3 months3–6 months
Male sexual dysfunctionVariableVariable
Breast growth3–6 months2–3 years
Decreased testicular volume3–6 months2–3 years
Decreased sperm productionVariableVariable
Thinning and slowed growth
of body and facial hair
6–12 months> 3 years
Male pattern baldnessNo regrowth, loss1–2 years

The degree and pace of physical impacts are affected by the dose, administration route, and medications chosen in accordance with the patient’s specific health goals (e.g., gender role expression, sex reassignment) and medical danger profile (Tiemann, 2011).

There is no current evidence that response to hormone treatment can be reliably forecasted by age, body shape, ethnicity, or family appearance. If all other things are equal, no medically accepted method or type of hormone administration is more likely to produce the desired physical alterations than another.

Source: Regimens to Get You Started on Feminizing Hormone Therapy

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